Apartment Brokers Request Pets for Staging; Refrigerator Probably Not a Good Idea

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 23, 2011
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Pets appear to be the newest trend among brokers when staging swanky Manhattan apartments. According to some, they make the apartments feel more "homey."

More than a few Manhattan apartment brokers are bucking the longstanding rule that the best pet when staging your home is no pet at all. They say potential buyers come in to these pet-plus homes and see a friendly dog or a cat and feel welcomed and at peace.

One New York couple who recently bought a North Chelsea loft that had been staged with a cat for their visit told The New York Times that the apartment seems empty when they go into it now.

Critics still argue that this gimmick won't help if your potential buyers are anti-pet or are highly allergic to pet dander.

So, have we have found the key to combating a stalled home buying market? Probably not, but many would probably prefer having a cute puppy or kitty snuggling up to them in the kitchen than some day-old finger sandwiches.

Image: green kozi / via Flickr

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The New York Times