It's Set in Stone: Uggie's a Star

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Published: June 28, 2012
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Uggie the Canine Actor Joins Hollywood's Walk of Fame Elite

June 25th was a busy day for Uggie, the 10-year-old, award winning Jack Russell Terrier who became a household name after his performance in the Oscar winning film, The Artist.

Marking both his retirement from show business and the release of The Artist on DVD/Blu-Ray, Hollywood declared the day "Uggie Day" and immortalized his name in history by having the dog-lebrity imprint his paws in cement outside of Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, CA — the site of the famous "Walk of Fame."

Uggie is the first canine actor (though not the first animal) to be honored in this way. Lassie and Rin Tin Tin, two notable canine celebrities who have stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, were also at the event to support Uggie on his momentous occasion. Other animals that have had their feet set in stone are Trigger, Tony, and Champion, all horses that starred in Western films.

Omar Von Muller, Uggie’s trainer, was at the event and thanked everyone on Uggie’ behalf. "This [journey] has been incredible … I think he’s just a great dog."

Von Muller encouraged people who are considering bringing a pet into their home to adopt, noting that Uggie had been relinquished by two families for being "wild" and was on his way to the pound when he discovered him.

"If you can adopt a dog, even if they don’t make it on the big screen, they’ll be big stars at your house," said Von Muller.

Uggie concluded the day by celebrating his retirement with a fire hydrant shaped cake and a solid gold collar from the Beverly Hills Mutt Club. Uggie won’t be taking off for a posh retirement on the Riviera, however. He will be spending his time traveling to raise money for charities and promote pet adoption.

Congrats, Uggie!

Image: Facebook fan page