Top Ten Pre-Fab Halloween Costumes for Dogs

3 min read



#4 Little Princesses. Two of our favorite damsels in distress, Zelda and Alice. Maybe they do need to be saved sometimes, but they're no weaklings.


#3 Prisoners of Love. Here is a very good example of perspective. Being in jail is scary stuff, but a dog in a prison uniform? Cute!


#2 Dem Bones. Almost there, but there is still something even scarier, in our mind, than a moving skeleton. This is pretty hard to beat though -- because, really, what holds a walking skeleton together? It's just bones! Crazy!


#1 Phew!! You wanna talk scary? Having lived in the mid-west for a brief time in the 1990s, we know this smell all too well, and know to stay far, far away. A giant skunk? This is real life scary.

Editors note: You may ask, “Why no cat picks?” In our experience, cats either will not wear costumes, or will not wear them for more than five minutes. There doesn't seem to be much point in getting into it with them. Just let them be cats and be glad they purr you to sleep at night rather than smother you as you slumber. And Happy Halloween!

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