Top Ten Pre-Fab Halloween Costumes for Dogs

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By Victoria Heuer    October 18, 2010 at 03:55PM

Maybe you wanted to do it yourself this year. Save a few dollars, show off your creative talents … whatever it was, now it's October and you're looking down the wire at the upcoming neighborhood Halloween Strut and you can't see a crafty moment in sight. Before everyone grabs up all the good stuff and leaves you with nothing but a measly bandanna to tie around your pup's neck -- again -- take a look at our favorite pre-fabricated costumes for dogs.


We based our picks on a level of scariness potential, balanced out with cuteness potential -- once the scary factor has been pushed aside. For example, if you think of most of these costumes in terms of how we react to them in real life (Eating dogs -- yuck! Giant bees -- eek!), or what really happens to the characters (Alice is nearly beheaded, and Zelda is always having to be rescued from certain demise), you will see that they are all worthy of any monster themed ball or parade you might be attending.





#10 The Dog as Food. A perennial Halloween favorite -- yum! Who needs candy when you have dogs around? Here we present the pumpkin-dog and the hotdog.





#9 Superdogs. If you're more into saving the world than scaring the world, you can go with the Superdogs … of course, the aftermath is a pretty scary mess that needs to be cleaned up, but hey, the good guys win again, right? They can't be bothered with such details. Seen here: Wonderdog, Superdog, and Batdog.



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