A Meal Fit for a Dog

nicolas chereque
Jun 26, 2009
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Have you ever actually given your pooch food from your doggy bag? Yeah, me neither. Lucky for us, Esser Vineyards, in conjunction with Pet Sitters International's Take Your Dog to Work Day, is introducing "Esser Take Your Dog to Dinner" night.

Some of the top restaurants nationwide, including New York's Gavroche and Boca Raton's Max's Grill, will host diners and their dogs, Friday, June 26, with some of the proceeds going to local animal shelters.

While diners feast on the scrumptious restaurant cuisine and award-winning California wines, dogs will enjoy their own gourmet dinner provided by Weruva Pet Foods. After all, your poor pooch has worked like a dog all...day...long. No need to worry about Fido sneaking in an extra Happy Hour, though. Participating restaurants will also provide your furry, four-legged friends with water bowls.

For an entire list of participating restaurants, visit www.takeyourdog.com

Image: Clarence / via Flickr

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