PETA Fights 'Dog Wars' with Their Own App

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Published: May 09, 2011
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In an attempt to counter an Android app released by Kage Games which pits dogs to fight against each other, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has launched their own app.

Kage Games originally released and marketed the app "Dog Wars" as a method of training virtual pit bulls to fight other dogs. Players are also offered a firearm to use against police raids and to inject dogs with virtual steroids.

The brutal depiction of dog fighting on the game, however, caused animal rights groups, including PETA, to protest for its removal from the Android Market app store. According to the Los Angeles Times, even the head of the Los Angeles police department officer’s union has decried the app as "sick."

The $2.99 app quickly reappeared under "KG Dog fighting" after being taken down from the Android Market by announcing, "the controversial dogfighting Android app by Kage Games LLC has been renamed and uploaded here to the market as a paid app!"

To counteract this, PETA launched an "Action Items" iPhone app that offers users the ability to share animal cruelty issues and details on social networking sites. The app then allows users to take action by sending protest letters to companies and politicians, and donate funds to the PETA organization.

Kage Games sent out a public statement defending the game by stating, "…As dog lovers…we do not condone violence towards humans or animals." Kage Games further states a portion of the game’s profit will go towards animal rescue organizations.

Kage Games labels "KG Dogfighting" as "a satire" and sees it as an educational tool on the real horrors of dog fighting. Google, which runs Android market, remains silent on the issue.

Image: Kage Games

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