Katy Perry Kissed a Cat and She Liked It

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Published: March 25, 2011
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In a recent interview with More! magazine, singer-songwriter Katy Perry said that she is "obsessed with cats," and is taking on the lofty goal of making it cool and chic to be a "cat lady."

Listing the feline qualities she most relates most to, Perry said, "Cats are like, 'You have to earn my affection.' … people have to earn my affection, but when I give it, it’s going to be good." She added that her independence, femininity and insistence on doing things in her own time are also very cat-like.

She has said in past interviews that she didn’t even consider herself a cat-person until she got her first cat, at which point she said she was "…like, 'Oh my God, we’re so alike!'" For a time, she even professed to like her cat, Kitty Purry, better than she liked men because their (her and the cat’s) relationship would never make the gossip mags. "She’s my substitute boyfriend," Perry said in 2009.

Katy found the perfect, cat-loving mate in husband Russell Brand, who also works in the field of entertainment. For now, Perry and Brand have only three cats: Morrissey, Kitty Purry, and Krusty — the latter a combination of Katy and Rusty, her husband’s nickname. However, she also has her signature "cat in a bottle" perfume, Purr, and she says she is planning to incorporate more cat lyrics into her upcoming songs.

While a mere three cats do not a cat lady make, Perry is definitely headed in the right direction. And we can't help but wonder, do her kitties smell of cherry lip balm from all the kisses?

Image: Katy Perry / via OnTheSnow.com

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