Celebrity New York Hawk Dashes Chick Hopes

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Published: May 04, 2011
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NEW YORK - One of New York's most closely watched celebrities -- a red-tailed hawk nesting on a Manhattan high rise -- has dashed hopes that three eggs she's been tending will hatch.

The hawk, dubbed Violet, and her mate Bobby have been fussing over the three eggs laid in a nest on a ledge outside the 12th floor office of the president of New York University.

The young family's every move has been watched through the Hawk Cam set up by The New York Times (the live feed can be seen below) and followed by enthusiastic well-wishers.

But Wednesday, the Times reported: "Barring a miracle, there will be no baby hawks."

"No chance," veteran hawk breeder John Blakeman told the Times.

The hatching window of about 32-35 days has expired and although Violet endeared herself to viewers with her meticulous nesting methods, she and Bobby were probably just too inexperienced at the outset, Blakeman said. "The pair just may have been inept lovers."

New York's concrete jungle is the unlikely haven for a number of wild media stars.

The love life of another red-tailed hawk, known as Pale Male, has been a long-running local media staple.

Last year an adventurous coyote sparked pandemonium after straying into Central Park and in March an Egyptian cobra made headlines after escaping in the Bronx Zoo.

Despite the disappointing prognosis from experts, Violet was still sitting on her speckled eggs.

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Image: Courtesy of NYT Hawk Cam

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