New App DoggZam! Can Identify Dog Breed With Just a Photo

PetMD Editorial
Published: July 24, 2018
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If you’ve ever wondered what dog breed—or mix of breeds—your dog is, you can now find out in seconds with a new app called DoggZam!

Michigan man Elderied McKinney developed the app, which allows you to identify a dog’s breed with just their picture.

The software creates a match by comparing the fur and facial features identified in the picture with characteristics that are standard of each dog breed. After snapping a picture, it takes the app mere seconds to identify the breed type.

“How many times have you looked at a dog and wondered ‘What type of dog is that,’” McKinney says. “Just click, take a picture of it, and there you go.”

McKinney says he was inspired to develop the app by his 6-year-old daughter, Makenzy. She would ask, “‘Daddy, what is that,’ or ‘what type of dog is that,’” McKinney says.

“Instead of Shazam, you can have Doggzam!,” McKinney says. “They have Shazam where you can listen to music and it will tell you the type of music it is, but there’s nothing on the market for dogs.”

McKinney was surprised to find that general dog breed categories are actually made up of many dog breeds.

“I didn’t realize how many different types of breeds are in one specific breed,” McKinney says.

If you want to a tool to help you identify dog breeds in seconds, you can download DoggZam! on Apple devices now. DoggZam! will be available on Android later this fall. 

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