Museum of Dog Welcomes Dogs Through Their Door

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Published: August 03, 2018
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Featured Image via museumofdog/Instagram

If you've been looking for museums in Massachusetts to go to, you may want to put this one on your list as a must-see.

Pet lovers' dreams will come true by not only visiting a dog museum that's filled with a collection of artwork and artifacts about dogs, but by also having your dog join in on this fun outing. The Museum of Dog in North Adams, Massachusetts, is a "tribute to dogs everywhere," claims the museum.

According to the Hartford Courant, bringing your dog is free of charge, and on top of that, they get free snacks.  

Image via museumofdog/Instagram

The Museum of Dog gallery consists of "Wegman photographs, sculptures by Mary Engel, Kathy Ruttenberg, antique Steiff dog hand puppets, rare dog collars and hundreds one of a kind dog related treasures," claims the dog museum's website.

Image via Museum of Dog


According to the Hartford Courant, David York, owner the Museum of Dog, says, “I thought the museum would be fun. I wanted more for people to do when they are here, who are limited in what they can do with their dog,” York says. “It’s informal. Touching is encouraged.” David opened the small dog museum a few months ago after owing dogs himself and collecting hundreds of dog artifacts.

Image via Museum of Dog

The décor at the Museum of Dog is nothing short of amazing as well. They’ve stayed true to the dog-centric theme to the very last detail, like the pillows on their couch that both dogs and humans are welcome on.


Image via museumofdog/Instagram


The dog museum has an Instagram that shows just how much fun you and your dog's day can be when spending the day at the Museum of Dog. 

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