Mounted Police Officer Stops to Play a Game of HORSE

PetMD Editorial
January 02, 2019
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The Davie Police Department in Florida recently shared a fun moment between one of their mounted police officers and a local family.

While out on patrol, a mounted police officer stopped at one of the homes where a teenage boy was playing some basketball. According to WIVB news, the mounted police office and his horse, Buddy, decided to play a game of HORSE while on a horse.

For those unfamiliar with the game of HORSE, it is a recreational basketball game similar to “Simon Says.” One player will choose a location for the other players to take a shot from, and if you miss a shot you get an “H.” The game will keep going until someone has missed enough shots to spell out the word, “HORSE.”

Luckily for this mounted police officer and his trusty stead, he sunk his shot from horseback for an epic video and a fun moment for a local family during the holiday vacation.

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