Missing Cat Lived in Pastry Factory for 3 Years

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: February 06, 2014
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When pets get lost and are found weeks, months, or even sometimes years later, they are typically a little worse for wear.

Not so for Woosie, a cat in Great Britain that ran away from home three years ago. Instead of joining a circus, he went to live at a pastry factory, which made him one fat cat.

“He’s a heavy cat now — he’s quite large. We think that he may have been eating all the pasties and sandwiches up there,” Helen Johns, Woosie’s human mom, told the U.K.’s Daily Mail.

A Long Trip to the Pastry Factory

Woosie’s journey began in Gover in 2011 when, as they always did, the Johns let out their beloved cat for a romp in the garden. Unfortunately, Woosie never returned.

It wasn’t long after that Woosie would show up at the at the Ginsters pastry factory nearly 30 miles away!

How he got there is anyone’s guess, but it’s been theorized that he might have hitched a ride on a delivery truck or in another vehicle going to the area.

Workers quickly took to the cat and “adopted” him. They apparently fed him rich snacks and sandwiches, and even allowed him free reign of the office. In return, Woosie would meet workers outside every morning.

It wasn’t until this past week that a worker took the cat, whom they named George, to the vet. When he was scanned for a microchip, his rightful owners were located.

Johns said they were “gobsmacked” when they received the call from the vet.

Even better, Woosie has taken to his home again as if he had never left — aside from the occasional hiss at the other housecat, Lola, who was just a kitten when Woosie disappeared.

“He came home on Tuesday evening, came straight into the house and just stretched out in the chair as if nothing had happened,” Johns said. “He’s like Lord Muck. It’s surreal. He’s unfazed by it.”

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