Meow the Force Be With You: Meet the Animal Shelter Cat That Looks Like Yoda

PetMD Editorial
Updated: June 16, 2016
Published: May 05, 2016
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It's fitting that a cat who looks like Yoda would be wise, kind, and a hit on the internet, as is the case with this animal shelter kitty who shares the same name as the Star Wars character he resembles. 

Yoda is a 3-year-old half-Sphynx who was taken to the Christian County Animal Shelter  (CCAS) in Hopkinsville, Kentucky, by a neighboring shelter when he was found in a live trap. Concerned that he might have health issues, the CCAS took Yoda in as their own and this former stray found his home in the comfort of the shelter, with an entire staff that works as his family. (Yoda even has a roommate, a Beagle named Roscoe, who also lives at the shelter.) 

Irene Grace, the Director of CCAS, tells petMD that Yoda—who is referred to as the facility's "mascat"—is not only a source of therapy and stress relief, but he helps around the office, too. His morning routine includes checking out the front counter and the other cats and then, after hours, helping to catch mice and keep the shelter pest-free.

"He's great," Grace says of the shelter companion, adding that he's a calming presence but also playful. (In fact, one of Yoda's favorite activities is to bat around lollipops found on Grace's desk.) 

Yoda has no major health issues, but because he is mostly hairless and has folded skin he'll get pimples around his chin and neck, which is remedied with antibiotics. 

Thanks to Yoda's unusual features, he's quickly becoming something of an internet celebrity. (The internet, in case you hadn't heard, loves Star Wars.)

Grace hopes that Yoda's newfound fame will shed a positive light on shelters everywhere.

"I think it's wonderful that [Yoda] shows all the good that shelters do." she said. She also hopes that Yoda will inspire future pet parents to look at older and/or "different" cats to give a loving home. 

Awesome cat, he is. 

Photo via Yoda the Christian Community Animal Shelter Mascat Facebook