Man Abandons Dog in Frigid Cold Weather

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Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: February 13, 2014
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Was he praying for his own soul or praying for the dog?

If it was the latter, a man who inexplicably left a senior dog tied to a fence in the freezing cold near an Upper West Side animal hospital in New York City, and caught on surveillance making the sign of the cross, may have had his prayers answered. All thanks to caring animal hospital workers and a compassionate public.  

Without a microchip or tags, the man could not be located, but the Chow Chow received local news coverage on New York’s CBS affiliate, Channel 2, after workers from nearby Riverside Animal Hospital on West 108th took the dog in and began treatment.

“This dog was very seriously dehydrated and emaciated and needed some serious hospitalization,” MaryAnn Loren, patient care manager for Riverside, told Pet360. “Donations started pouring in and thanks to some very generous people, he will continue to receive the care he needs and eventually we will find him a home.”

The dog was found Sunday in the freezing cold temperatures. When he was first brought in, Loren said, they feared the dog would not make it.

The dog’s fur was also so matted that he had to be completely shaved. Given he is a “very senior dog,” veterinarians at the animal hospital also performed extensive tests.

Loren explained that she doesn’t know how much in donations the hospital has received. However, she said that the bill for any other patient, which includes hospital workers' overtime, tests, medication, and other treatments, would be running close to $20,000.

“We will start looking for a home eventually, but right now we need to get him through the toughest part of his medical needs,” Loren shared. “He is the friendliest Chow I’ve ever met and he has fallen in love with our house cat.”

Loren said part of the dog’s recovery will be helping him emotionally as well. “He is so depressed after his human did that to him, that will be part of his recovery as well,” said Loren.

Animal hospital workers have not named him. They want the public who has taken such an interest in him to help them pick a name.

If you have ideas for a name for this dog or would like to get updates on his condition, you can like Riverside’s Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: Photo of the Chow Chow, along with Georgia Weber, a veterinarian at Riverside Animal Hospital from the hospital’s Facebook page.

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