Local Cat Becomes Fixture at Harvard University

PetMD Editorial
Published: October 30, 2018
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Image via Remy the Humanities Cat/Facebook

Harvard University’s newspaper, The Harvard Gazette, recently published a profile piece on a feline fixture at their university: Remy the Humanities Cat. This scholastically inclined cat spends his days wandering around campus and throughout the various department buildings, where he is always greeted with smiles and enthusiasm.

Funnily enough, however, Remy is actually the pet cat of a local family living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, not a free-roaming feline who lives at the university. His owner, Sarah Watton, and her family have known about Remy’s academic pursuits for quite some time now. She tells The Harvard Gazette that they have picked him up from many of Harvard’s buildings and gotten phone calls about him up to 10 times a day.

The Harvard Gazette explains, “At their home on Sacramento Street, nearly a mile from the Barker Center, Watton, her husband, Rick Sullivan, and their boys, Jack, 11, and Will, 6, say their pet’s penchant to wander started young. They initially tried walking him on a leash but by the time he turned 1, they gave up trying to stop his excursions.”

He’s become famous around campus, so his family created a Facebook account for him to help keep track of him and document his adventures. Students and faculty alike comment and share photos of his current adventures.

When he went missing for three weeks in August, they used the Facebook page to put the word out, and his admirers came pouring in with tips and sightings. He was finally located and brought home (he now wears a GPS collar just to make sure his adventures can be tracked).

Both his family and the Harvard community have embraced Remy and his wandering ways. Students, employees and faculty share their appreciation for his visits and post requests to his Facebook page that he stop by certain departments.

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