Just What Exactly Is That Giant Chicken That Has the Internet Clucking?

PetMD Editorial
Published: March 21, 2017
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The Internet is no stranger to making animals into bona fide stars (looking at you, Grumpy Cat). But more recently, Twitter rallied behind a creature that downright mystified thousands: a giant chicken. 

On March 19, a video of said chicken was tweeted out with the caption, "Am I the only person wondering why this chicken is so damn big?" As it turned out, that answer was no, as the clip went viral and warranted tens of thousands of retweets. 

Whether you were dumbfounded by the chicken's size (or, okay, even a little bit scared), you can stop wondering. In response to the Internet frenzy, The Livestock Conservancy posted on Facebook to confirm that, not only was the chicken quite real, it's actually an American breed known as the Brahma. 

According to the Livestock Conservancy's website, the controversial (yes, controversial) Brahma chicken, often referred to as the "King of All Poultry," is appreciated for its "great size, strength, and vigor."

In addition to being very large (they average about 12 pounds, but can get up to a staggering 18), they are known to be "extremely hardy chickens. They are also good egg-layers for their size."

Ruffled feathers, no more: the Internet finally knows all about the Brahma. 

Image via YouTube