Japanese Artist Uses Needle Felting to Make Realistic Cat

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Published: July 24, 2018
Japanese Artist Uses Needle Felting to Make Realistic Cat

There is a Japanese artist that is creating gorgeous and stunningly realistic cat art using the needle felting technique. The artist, Wakuneco, uses the fuzzy fibers of wool to sculpt and create hyper-realistic three-dimensional sculptures of cat faces.

As My Modern Met explains, “Each incredible three-dimensional, felted feline is made by painstakingly poking layers of wool with a needle until the fibers gradually compact and form into solid shapes. Wakuneco’s palm-sized pieces feature realistic fur, lifelike glass eyes, and true to life whiskers.”

Needle Felting Cat Art

Image via wakuneco/Instagram

Wakuneco even uses photographs of real cats as reference, so she can create truly beautiful replicas of someone’s special feline.

Cat Art Needle Felting

Image via Wakuneco./Facebook

Currently, she only operates within Japan, using Yahoo! Auctions to find subjects for her work. But you can check out all of her work on her Instagram, Wakuneco, and her Facebook page, Wakuneco., to see more of her amazing and highly detailed work.

Video via Wakuneco./Youtube

Image via Wakuneco/Instagram

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