“Horse Barber” Turns Horses’ Coats Into Works of Art

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 14, 2019
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Image via Facebook/The Horse Barber – Global Equine Clipping Education

One woman is turning horses into her own creative canvases.

Melody Hames, a United Kingdom resident and horse owner, has taken the internet by storm with her elaborate horse clipping designs.

She started out clipping her own horse—who had Cushing’s disease and required frequent coat care—and then began clipping her friends’ horses.

Then one day, one of her clients requested a creative clipping design for their horse. Hames tells CNN, “I had never done it before but I've got the attitude of just saying yes and worrying later. So we did it and she put it online.”

Once it hit the internet, more and more people began requesting unique clipping patterns for their horses. Hames was scouted by American clipping company Andis to come to the US and showcase her skills.

Now her business, “The Horse Barber,” has become a leader of education in the horse clipping world, and she is considered to be the UK’s first Horse Clipping Educator.

You can follow her on Instagram or Facebook to see some of her amazing work.

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