Hero Puppy Honored at Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Game

PetMD Editorial
July 12, 2018
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On June 29, Paula Godwin was taking her two dogs for a walk in Arizona when she almost stepped on a rattlesnake. Her Golden Retriever puppy, Todd, seeing what was about to happen, jumped right in front of her leg and saved her from a rattlesnake bite.

Todd was bitten on the right side of his face, and it quickly swelled up. She rushed him to the vet, where he received the proper treatments and made a full recovery. What Godwin did not expect was for her Facebook post about the incident to go viral.

With thousands of shares and news outlets across the internet sharing her story, her puppy hero became a national sensation overnight.

To reward his heroic behavior, the Arizona Diamondbacks baseball team invited Todd and his owner to be honored at their baseball game. Todd appeared to be in great spirits at the game—with his tail wagging, he was giving kisses the whole evening.

He even dressed up for the occasion with a Diamondbacks baseball jersey and cute bowtie dog collar. Todd also got to meet the baseball players and spend some time on the baseball field.

Todd’s story has won the hearts of many, and he is surely pleased with all the attention and treats he has received for his heroic work.

Image via Paula Godwin/Facebook

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