Guinness World Records Declares Oldest Living Cat

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Published: August 23, 2015
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Whether or not cats really do have nine lives, one thing is for sure: Corduroy the cat sure is making the most of his time with this one. According to The Today Show, the feline—who hails from Oregon, where he lives with his human, Ashley Reed Okura—has been crowned by the Guinness World Records as the oldest living cat at an impressive 26-years-old. Born on August 1, 1989, Corduroy is described as "a mellow, cool, old cat." Okura attributes his health and longevity to being able to roam around outside, as well as getting lots of petting and taking cat naps. 

Curduroy, who has his very own Instagram page, also enjoys eating mice (but only on special occasions) and sharp cheddar cheese. Okura praised her beloved cat in a press release regarding the news, stating, "Corduroy has been through all of my life's major events and I feel blessed he is still healthy and enjoying life." 

While Curduroy isn't the oldest cat ever on record yet (that title still belongs to a kitty named Creme Puff from Texas, who lived to an astonishing 38-years-old), this is still something a monumental achievement to celebrate. In fact, you could say it's one for the record books. 

Check out this clip, courtesy of Guiness World Records, which spotlights the incredible Corduroy:

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