Florida Man Reunited With His Lost Bird

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Published: August 03, 2018
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The worst fear for any pet lover is to lose their pet, and for Mark Briggs, this nightmare came true. According to the Independent Mail, two years ago, he was traveling from Maryland to Florida with his feathery best friend, Tony the love bird. While on the road, Briggs pulled over for a break and opened Tony’s bird cage, and he flew away. For the past two years, Mark traveled with Tony’s bird cage still in his car, hoping for a miracle. Finally, in January this year, his wishes came true—he was reunited with his lost bird!

When Briggs had opened the bird cage at the rest stop, Tony flew around for a while, whistling back to Briggs to ensure him that he wasn’t far. However, after about an hour of flying fun, Briggs lost track of Tony. He tried everything, from putting bird food and his bird cage out, to calling for him constantly. However, Tony was nowhere to be found.

Over the two years, Briggs never lost hope that one day the two would be reunited. He’d drive back to the spot where Tony flew away whenever he could. After about two months of the two being separated, Briggs found a maintenance worker near that rest stop who informed him that there was a small parrot who would stop by from time to time, and was ultimately taken home by a woman who fed him some bird food.

This gave Briggs the sign he had been searching for all along—that his lost bird wasn’t so far away after all! Briggs worked with a postcard marketing company based in Florida, Postcard Mania, and sent postcards to multiple veterinary clinics and pet stores in South Carolina. He also put out a reward for anyone who had information about his lost bird.

Ultimately, Briggs tracked down a veterinary clinic that the woman who had found Tony had brought him to. The two are now happily reunited, and Briggs won’t be opening up that bird cage on any future road trips!

Video via Independent Mail

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