Everything You Need to Know About Your New Favorite Podcast, Life With Pets

PetMD Editorial
Published: September 26, 2017
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Whether you listen to them intently on your commute, or laugh along while you're folding laundry, podcasts of all varieties have become a mainstay of everyday life.

Luckily for pet parents and avid podcast listeners, a new series has come along that will not only make it to the top of your list, but will also better the lives of you and your pet(s). 

On Oct. 2, Life With Pets, hosted by Victoria Schade will make its debut. 

Schade, a dog trainer and author, as well as a self-proclaimed "voracious consumer of podcasts," told petMD that the show will have a different pet-focused theme each week, with fellow experts weighing in.

She'll also answer listeners' questions in each episode, as well as welcome pet-loving celebrities to the podcast, including the likes of Bill Engvall and Adam Carolla. Of course, the biggest celebrities are Schade's own dogs, Millie and Olive, who can be heard hanging out in studio. 

The first episode of Life With Pets will focus on both feline and canine cognition and intelligence. "I've got a fascinating cat researcher who explains that every house cat can be trained, and she gives suggestions for how to do it," Schade said. 

But, as every pet parent knows too well, the possibilities are endless when it comes to subject matter regarding cats and dogs, and Schade hopes to tackle them all. Upcoming episodes (which range from about 30 to 35 minutes long) will cover everything from behavioral issues in pets and tips for fostering animals to the oft-misunderstood pit bull breed.

Schade, who calls the chance to have her own podcast "a dream come true," hopes that her passion for pets will translate to the listening audience. 

"My hope is that pet parents will be entertained by the show, of course, but my greatest hope is that they'll walk away from each episode having learned something new and awesome about our furry best friends," Schade said. 

Following its Oct. 2 debut, Life With Pets will release episodes every other Monday, with mini Q&A episodes coming out on alternating Mondays.

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