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By Samantha Drake

If a dog could take photos, what would he capture? Stuff he likes, of course, such as his people, his dog friends, and food. Lots of food. 

Grizzler is a black-and-white “pho-dog-rapher.” His custom camera comes courtesy of Nikon Asia, which developed a unique way for the dog to take pictures of the world as he sees it. Dubbed “Heartography” by the camera manufacturer, Grizzler takes photos via a camera strapped to his chest. The shutter is trigger connected to a bluetooth heartbeat monitor. When Grizzler’s heart rate rises, the camera takes a photo.

The trigger for the shutter can be preset to go off when the heartrate reaches a certain level. For Grizzler, it appears that the camera takes a shot every time his heart rate rises to 119 beats per minute or above.

A Dog’s Life 

Grizzler’s photo gallery includes images of things that get him excited, including other dogs, plants, and food. Other canine attention grabbers include cats and, for some reason, mushrooms. 

It’s unclear whether the technology will eventually become available to the public. Technology and consumer electronics website CNET speculates that “Heartography” is a publicity stunt to show off the Nikon Coolpix L31. But even if it is just a one-off invention to get Nikon a little bit of publicity, we have to admit that it's pretty cool.

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Image: Nikon Asia

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