Dog Recovering After Jumping Off Overpass

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: February 07, 2014
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A black Labrador retriever has a long recovery ahead of him after flying off an overpass in Springfield, Missouri.

Motorist Sherrie Hutson and her husband witnessed the incident when they were driving on Campbell Avenue on Monday.

Hutson’s husband ran over to the dog, which was having trouble walking and had blood coming from its mouth.

The couple rushed the dog to Springfield Veterinary Clinic, where Cynthia Wiseman, DVM, treated the dog.

The Hutson’s offered to pay for the veterinary expenses if the owners didn’t come forward. The male dog was wearing a collar, but no tags and was not microchipped.

The story appeared on KY3, the local NBC affiliate, where the dog’s owners saw the story. Turns out, Hosea and Debbie Lawrence’s dog, Chance, had escaped their garage that morning and they had been looking for him. When they called the vet’s office, they knew the dog was their Chance.

“Chance is doing OK, but not as well as we had hoped,” Wiseman told Pet360. “We’re going to send him to the University of Missouri in Columbia as he’s showing signs of a spine fracture and he will need surgery.”

In addition to a possible spine fracture, Chance suffered from what amounted to a sprained wrist and a chipped tooth. “His eyes are bright and he’s wagging his tail, but he’s not eating real well,” said Wiseman.

As for how Chance got from the overpass to the busy main road below, another witness came forward to say the dog was very scared running in the traffic on the highway, panicked and jumped, not knowing that there was nothing for him to land on below.

After a surgery which is estimated to be at least $5,000, this canine will get another chance, but his experience is also a cautionary tale to all pet parents to make sure your pets have both a collar with tags at all times and a microchip.

If good Samaritans had not picked up Chance and offered to pay his expenses his story might have had a very different ending.

Springfield Veterinary Clinic is accepting donations to help defray the cost of Chance’s bills at MU-Columbia. If you would like to help Chance, please call the clinic at (417) 887-8030.

Editor’s Note: Photo of Chance and his dad courtesy of Springfield Veterinary Clinic.