Rescue Dog Donates Blood To Help Injured Kittens

PetMD Editorial
Published: April 13, 2016
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Whoever still believes the myth that cats and dogs can't live in harmony must not have heard about Jemmie, the caring canine, and the kitties she helped save. 

Jemmie is an 8-year-old Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso mix who was adopted from the Sacramento SPCA. Now, this selfless pup is giving back to the very place that found her a forever home.

Jemmie's owner Sarah Varanini is the Foster Care Coordinator at the Sacramento SPCA and tells petMD that her personable and friendly dog has "donated blood to several kittens over the years." Recently Jemmie helped out two kitties who were dropped off at the facility in poor condition. 

The kittens were part of a litter that was found in a backyard. They were brought to the SPCA at only a month-old and were suffering from eye ulcers and infections. 

Enter Jemmie to the rescue. Vets drew about 10-20ccs of blood from Jemmie, and then, as Varanini explains, they spun the blood down in a centrifuge to create a serum. "We use the serum (or plasma) on top as eye drops for the kitten," she explains. 

"Because we are only using the serum, not a blood transfusion, we can use either dog or cat's blood. Regardless of blood type," Varanini says. 

Jemmie's blood donation and the serum helped both kitties, who are now thriving. While one of the kittens had to have a ruptured eye removed, the other eye is healing. Both kittens, who are now a little over 6-weeks-old, are currently in foster care and are getting stronger and healthier everyday. 

But the kittens aren't the only ones who are doing well: Varanini confirms that Jemmie is "very good about having her blood drawn" and that she gets plenty of treats and love when she's done with her service.

Image via Sacramento SPCA