Dachshund Adopts Paralyzed Cat

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: January 07, 2014
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You know a friendship is close between two animals when their rescuers name them Idgie and Ruth after the two main characters in the movie, “Fried Green Tomatoes.”

What makes this animal friendship really special is the fact that Idgie is a Dachshund and Ruth is a paraplegic cat.

The pair were found outside a gated home in Geneva, Fla. in October. Idgie is thought to be around 2-years-old and Ruth is about 7-months-old.

However, when animal control arrived at the scene, picking them up wasn’t an easy task. Idgie was fiercely protective of her feline pal and barked anytime someone came near.

Seminole County Animal Services finally did remove the pair from the streets and they soon learned that when they separated them at the shelter the protective Dachshund was constantly looking for her feline friend. As a result, they put the pair together in a special pen.

It’s unknown what caused Ruth’s condition, but it doesn’t appear to be an injury. The cat can only get around by dragging herself around with her two front legs.

The non-profit TEARS, Every Animal Receives Support, paid for experimental therapy and acupuncture. Unfortunately, the procedures proved ineffective. 

Although the pair appeared to be well-cared for when they were found, no one ever came to claim the duo.

Jacqueline Borum, a local resident who owns Hollywood Houndz Boutique & Spa and runs a non-profit called Project Paws, which raises money for animal rescues in emergencies, gave the pair a home in her shop.

Staff moves, feeds and bathes Ruth daily and Idgie gets plenty of walks and treats. When they aren’t getting attention from staff and customers alike, you can find Idgie curled up around Ruth, keeping her safe and warm.

Borum told the Orlando Sentinel that Idgie is sweet as can be, except when another dog comes anywhere near Ruth.

Since veterinarians do not know what’s causing Ruth’s paralysis, it is unknown if her condition will continue to worsen, or how long she has, but Borum says she will make sure the pair isn’t separated, for no matter how long that may be.

Editor’s Note: Photo from the Orlando Sentinel Facebook page.