Cat Lovers Unite for a Very Unique Cat Art Show

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Published: June 19, 2018
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From June 14-24, 2018, there is an art show in Los Angeles that is dedicated solely to celebrating cat art.

For those thinking that the cat artwork might be second-rate or amateurish, think again. The cat art at this art show is top-notch.

The show will feature a slew of artists who specialize in a variety of mediums, from digital art, painting and photography to drawings, embroidery, sculptures and a mixture of the styles.  

Anita Yan Wong

The Cat Art Show will benefit cats and the environment. They have chosen The Ian Somerhalder Foundation as their charity beneficiary for the 2018 art show, and their closing night benefit will support Kitten Rescue LA.

The founder and curator of the Cat Art Show, Susan Michals, is very passionate about the event. She explains to Mashable, “They think it’s a joke. And that’s something I’ve been up against for a long time …” In no uncertain words, she explains that it’s most definitely not a joke. Michals explains that the purpose of the show is to curate a collection of art that puts the intersection of pop culture’s love of cats and the art world’s emerging creators on display.

Casey Weldon

Mashable explains that “the show feels like a real art show because it is a real art show. Over 140 pieces were on display in the gallery. A bar served frosé and IPAs, and patrons dressed in sleek (although cat-themed) outfits posed for photos at a professionally lit booth. The show's 11-day run includes a variety of cat-themed events, from a lecture on ‘famous feline history’ to a cat-themed burlesque performance by Vanessa Burgundy.”


Michals is also the founder of CatCon, a cat-themed convention that celebrates all things cats and the people that love them. She wants to create a community where cat lovers everywhere can come together and show their appreciation for felines.

Annie Montgomerie

Mashable explains, “The art show — and CatCon, a cat-themed convention that Michals also founded, seeks to cultivate a community for cat lovers that they wouldn't normally get in real life. Since cats are such solitary creatures, most cat owners bond online through social media.”

Jeremy Fish

To learn more about the Cat Art Show you can check out their website at For more information on CatCon, go to

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