Bunny Survives Traumatic Abuse Thanks to Vets and Rescuers

PetMD Editorial
Updated: July 18, 2016
Published: June 07, 2016
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Fuzzy Pants is the bunny with a sweet and adorable name, whose headline-grabbing story out of Jacksonville, Fla., was anything but.

In May, the months-old rabbit was badly injured when a group of teenage girls threw the animal against a wall and then shared the abuse on Snapchat. The teens in question were arrested on animal cruelty charges and the bunny was taken into care by Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue

Fuzzy Pants suffered a fractured thigh bone and a broken pelvis, among other injuries, from the incident. She received medical care and eventually underwent surgery at Tampa's BluePearl Veterinary Partners facility.

According to a press release, "BluePearl veterinarians performed surgery to remove the upper tip of the rabbit’s right hind femur, or thigh bone, where it had been broken. Fuzzy Pants also suffered two pelvic fractures, which are starting to heal."

Dr. Scott Fowler of BluePearl, who was one of the vets to care for Fuzzy Pants, says that the bunny is recovering nicely and thinks the animal will be "perfectly fine." 

After her procedure, Fuzzy Pants was released back to Southwest Florida House Rabbit Rescue.

"Fuzzy Pants is doing remarkably well," says Jennifer Macbeth, the organization's president. "Physically she is moving around and playful. She can't use her right leg, but we hope with time she will be able to hop on it. She is also very sweet and craves affection... I think she is just glad to be safe and loved."

Macbeth hopes that this bunny's heartbreaking story will inspire others to foster rabbits and ensure that these incredible creatures get the proper care and love they deserve. 

"Fosters are so important to a rescue," she says. "Most rabbit rescues are small and don't have a facility, so they need foster homes. They are highly social animals, needing daily affection and exercise. Just like a cat or dog, they are domesticated and deserve the same high standard of care. Fosters provide socialization, litter box training, exercise, and love—helping the rabbits to be happy and healthy."

Fuzzy Pants will remain in Macbeth's care until she recovers and can be placed for adoption. "She has a warrior's spirit to have survived her ordeal. Girl power at it's best!"

Image via BluePearl Veterinary Partners