Arizona Dog Is Screaming His Way to Internet Fame

PetMD Editorial
Published: August 14, 2018
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Photo via mothescreamingstaffy/Instagram

Meet Mo, an American Staffordshire Terrier that is stealing the heart of thousands with his hilarious 'scream.'

Watching funny dog videos is always a good way to start your day. Thousands have seen the video of Mo the dog screaming, which went viral on his Instagram account.

Video via FOX 10

When can you catch this dog screaming? According to azcentral, Mo screams at pigeons, cars and people passing by, and it’s his “preferred form of getting attention.”

Before Mo Became Internet Famous

According to azcentral, Mo was found by his owner a little over a year ago. He was "wandering the streets of Phoenix without a home during one of the city's hottest summers on record."

Kristin Allen, his owner, called him over, and he wagged his tail the whole way. Allen wanted to make sure that a family wasn't looking for him, so she "took the advice of the animal care workers and decided to leave Mo for 72 hours—enough time to make sure his owners weren’t out there somewhere."

Photo via mothescreamingstaffy/Instagram

In three days, no one came to claim Mo, so he was immediately adopted by Allen. The rest is history.

This Is Just the Beginning

On the way home, Mo gave a good 'scream' in the car. According to azcentral, this is Mo's hysterical way of getting attention.

Photo via mothescreamingstaffy/Instagram

Today, Mo has almost 60,000 followers and counting, and his viral video is soon to become one of the best funny dog videos on the internet.

Mo's latest screaming video puts us over the edge—he's rocking shades, people!

Photo via mothescreamingstaffy/Instagram

We're glad that this American Staffordshire Terrier found his forever home and that people around the world have discovered Mo's Instagram account to watch his journey—one scream at a time.

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