Animal Friends: Rescued Pit Bull Finds Comfort in Guinea Pig Pals

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Published: May 02, 2018
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The internet is filled with adorable stories about unlikely animal friends, and this is no exception. This is the story of Moki, Frida and Pandora, a trio of best pals that includes a rescued pit bull and two guinea pigs.

According to their Facebook page, their owner, Kristen Gamayo, adopted all three of her current furry family members in 2015.

The Dodo reports that the guinea pigs were adopted by Gamayo first. Since she was a first-time guinea pig owner, she did a lot of research ahead of time to make sure they were the right type of pet for her. When it came time to finally adopt, she found Frida and Pandora and immediately made them a part of her family.

Not long after, Gamayo decided that it was time to add another member to her crew. So she headed to San Francisco Animal Care and Control in hopes of finding a good fit for her and her guinea pigs.

As she explains to The Dodo, “In the very last kennel, we saw a brindle pit bull dog who was sitting quietly on her cot. [She] didn’t run or bark at us, and was looking at us with her sad, innocent eyes, so we asked to see her.” She continues, “Moki was 5 months old at the time, and she was very friendly and playful—we knew we had to adopt her.”

Moki, the newly rescued pit bull, adapted to life with Gamayo like she had been there forever. And much to her surprise, Moki even seemed to get along with Frida and Pandora. “Moki was really gentle with them from the beginning, and the piggies were very curious about Moki,” Gamayo tells The Dodo. “The piggies would crawl up to Moki and smell her, and Moki would lick them and lay with them. To this day, Moki and the piggies cuddle together, and Moki likes to give them kisses.”

This is one unique trio of animal friends, and you can watch their journey via their Facebook page or Instagram. They really are one happy family.

Image via Instagram: piggiesandapitty

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