1.5 lb. Puppy Named Mighty Mouse Needs Surgery to Fix Deformed Legs

PetMD Editorial
Updated: January 30, 2018
Published: February 12, 2014
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In the Mighty Mouse cartoons, the cute little animated rodent is always coming to the rescue of the underdog. However, in real life there is an underdog named Mighty Mouse who needed saving from a high kill shelter. 

“We rescued him last week from Downey Shelter in Los Angeles, he was out of time and scheduled for euthanasia,” Sasha Rose, founder of Love Leo Rescue, told Pet360.  The 1.5 lb. little ball of love is thought to have been dumped at the shelter by a breeder.

Rose is known to take in the underdogs, the ones that most likely would meet terrible fates in the high kill shelters of Los Angeles. Downey is known as a high kill shelter.

Love Leo Rescue gained national attention last year when photos of a bow-legged Pit Bull named Jones, whom Rose saved, went viral.

Like Jones, 2-month old Mighty Mouse has two deformed legs, thought to be birth defects. When Rose went to pick the puppy up, she was told he only had one bad leg and the plan was to amputate.  

However, when they learned that both of his legs were deformed, they consulted with the same orthopedic surgeon who gave Jones a new lease on life and learned that Mighty Mouse’s legs could also be fixed so he could walk normally.

Watching Mighty Mouse walk now, he does look like a mouse scampering along on his forearms.

Rose said his surgery is scheduled for Thursday, February 13, and will cost $2,500. Nearly all of the funds have been raised, but they still have a little bit to collect to pay for the surgery.  

If you would like to help Love Leo Rescue and see Mighty Mouse get his surgery, please visit their fundraising website.

You can find updates on Mighty Mouse on the organization’s Facebook page.

Editor’s Note: Photo of Mighty Mouse courtesy of Love Leo Rescue.

Video: Love Leo Rescue via YouTube