Veterinarian Says Baby Talking to Cats Is the Best Way to Get Their Attention

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By Kendall Curley    September 13, 2018 at 05:03PM

Dr. Uri Burstyn is a veterinarian in Vancouver, British Columbia, who is passionate about cats. On YouTube, he is known as the Helpful Vancouver Vet, and he garnered national attention with his video on how to properly handle a cat.



Video via Helpful Vancouver Vet/YouTube


Recently, he has made it into the news again with a trial he conducted on the types of names cats respond to best. US Weekly explains, “Dr. Uri Burstyn believes cats pay more attention when their names end in a high frequency. He says that since felines have ears that register high-pitched noises—such as the sounds birds and mice make—they are more likely to notice if their names follow that pattern.”


He explains that names that end with an “ee” sound have a better chance of catching your kitty’s attention than one that ends with hard-sounding consonants. So a name like “Bernie” is going to be much more effective at getting your cat’s attention than a name like “Buster.”


Nicknames also work well, since people are more likely to same them in a high-pitched voice, or in “baby talk.”



Video via Helpful Vancouver Vet/YouTube




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