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Meet Tiger, a 7-year-old Corgi-Chihuahua mix who is on his way to getting a second chance at the happy life he deserves. 

After receiving surgery for a slipped disc, Tiger's hind legs were paralyzed. His former owners abandoned him because they no longer wanted to care for the now-handicapped dog.  

That's where Santa Monica, California-based The Fuzzy Pet Foundation (TFPF) stepped in. The nonprofit rescue organization took Tiger into its care after one of his veterinarians (who helped make the dog a temporary wheelchair) reached out. 

While Tiger may not be able to walk again and suffers from mild incontinence, he is no longer in pain. He is a spirited, resilient dog with a clean bill of health.

In fact, Tiger—who TFPF describes as having a "great disposition"—was recently fitted for a brand new wheelchair to help him get around. Tiger has adjusted to his wheelchair, running around with great speed and pep. 

“It may take us a while to find a forever home for a special-needs dog like Tiger," said Sheila Choi, founder and CEO of TFPF, in a statement. "He may or may not ever walk again, but he appears so comfortable and happy in his new wheelchair. We aren't giving up on him." 

The neutered Tiger isn't just a fighter, he's also a Very Good Boy. "He gets along great with other dogs, and loves playing with squeaky toys," TFPF reports. "Tiger enjoys cuddling with his caregivers—he even falls asleep in our arms when he is cradled like a baby." 

To help with Tiger's ongoing care, you can donate to TFPF's GoFundMe page

Image via The Fuzzy Pet Foundation 

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