Virus Decimating Crickets Raised for Reptile Feed

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 18, 2011
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If your reptile's diet mainly consists of crickets, you may want to listen up. A deadly virus is reportedly killing millions of captive crickets, forcing cricket farms in Florida and Michigan to close. This in turn has made it more difficult for pet stores to find cricket suppliers to purchase from.

The virus, which was first identified in North America in 2009, causes the insects to flip onto their backs and later die from paralysis. Experts, however, claim that animals that eat the crickets with the virus are not themselves infected.

There isn't much certainty if the virus will spread to other states with cricket farms – thereby making them harder to come by and driving up their cost – but it probably doesn't hurt to remain vigilant.

So how about you? Are you having difficulty buying crickets at your local pet supply store?

Image: Mark Robinson / via Flickr

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