World's Oldest Captive Orangutan Dies in Japan

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By AFP News    May 02, 2011 at 02:17PM

TOKYO - The world's oldest captive orangutan died Saturday at a zoo in Tokyo, Kyodo news agency reported, citing officials.

Molly's age was estimated at 59 years and four months, according to Tama Zoological Park where she died, Kyodo said.

The animal arrived at Ueno Zoological Gardens, also in Tokyo, from Indonesia in 1955 aged three and became popular as an artist in recent years after starting to draw with crayons.

Her condition began to deteriorate in March, Tama Zoo said. Kyodo did not specify Molly's illness.

Another female orangutan at the zoo, named Gypsy, becomes the world's oldest captive member of the species with an estimated age of 57 years and four months, Kyodo said.


Image: Tokyo Five / via WordPress

Source: AFP

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