Kitten Named Hugh Jackman Found With Burns on 40 Percent of Body

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Published: April 04, 2017
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When you see or hear the name Hugh Jackman, you think of superhero strength and resilience. So it's no surprise that some human caretakers named an amazing kitten with the heart and will of a superstar after the actor.

On March 10, a small kitten was brought to Animal Care Centers of NYC (NYCACC) by a concerned citizen in Brooklyn who came across the injured feline. "He looked like he had been burned," NYCACC spokeswoman Katy Hansen told petMD. "In fact, they thought he originally had been put into a dryer because they couldn't determine the origins of the wounds."

As it turned out, the months-old cat had burns covering 40 percent of his body, including his legs, ears, and nose. He also endured trauma to his bones and loss of fur. Hugh was brought to the Midtown Manhattan location of BluePearl Emergency Pet Hospital for immediate care and treatment. To date, the hospital has still not determined if the cat endured abuse or an accident, but "his injuries are consistent with being burned via submersion in an extremely caustic substance," BluePearl explained.

According to a press release from BluePearl, the kitten has been receiving round-the-clock veterinary care. “He’s an extremely tough cat,” stated Dr. Meredith Daly, who has been helping supervise Hugh Jackman’s care. 

Hansen echoed that sentiment. "Hugh Jackman has been so sweet," she told petMD. "In fact, just today he began grooming himself, which is a sign that he is healing, physically and mentally." The NYCACC has even put up a video showing the fierce feline's incredible progress. (That healing power, as it turns out, has made him the perfect Wolverine namesake!)

During his time at BluePearl, Hugh Jackman has "received antibiotics, pain medications, fluids and nutritional support," the release stated. "He has received extensive nursing care and has had his bandages changed every day to remove dead tissue and to prevent infection. He has been treated for sepsis and infection from his wounds."

His injuries are "extremely painful, but are improving every day," Daly stated. Hugh Jackman will stay at BluePearl as he continues to get better. As Hansen told us, "Until he is ready to go into a foster home equipped to handle his ongoing medical needs. At that point, we will track his progress until that time where he can be adopted into a family home." 

As NYCACC and BluePearl continue to help Hugh Jackman get back on his paws, you can donate to help cover the costs of his medical expenses here

Image via BluePearl 

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