Irish Setter Dies After Alleged Poisoning at Crufts Dog Show

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Updated: January 31, 2018
Published: March 09, 2015
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The co-owners of an award-winning show dog are devastated after their beloved canine was allegedly poisoned at one of Britain’s most prestigious competitions.

According to the Daily Mail, an Irish Setter known as Thendara Satisfaction, more commonly referred to as Jagger, died upon returning home to Belgium following his appearance at the Crufts Dog Show in Birmingham.

A post-mortem examination by a veterinarian revealed chunks of meat in the dog’s stomach that were laced with unknown poisons. The vet said that the poison was sewn into pieces of beef.

Dog breeder and co-owner of Jagger, Dee Milligan-Bott, wrote on her Facebook page that the timing of the dog’s death and the autopsy results reveal that the poisoning likely happened at the dog show. But Milligan-Bott doesn’t believe that it was a malicious act by another competitor. 

“I need you all to know that we can't and we won't think that this was the act of another exhibitor,” she wrote on Facebook. “If we thought this we couldn't go on, and the last 30 years would be a complete waste.” 

Jagger was co-owned by Aleksandra Lauwers, who lives in Belgium, where the dog spent the majority of his time. Besides being a competitive show dog and a beloved family pet, Jagger also acted as a therapy dog for elderly people in nursing homes. 

Kennel Club Secretary Caroline Kisko told the Daily Mail that the organization is investigating the tragic event and will be reviewing security footage to see if they can identify who poisoned Jagger.

“The Kennel Club is deeply shocked and saddened to hear that Jagger the Irish Setter died some 26 hours after leaving Crufts,” she said.

"We have spoken to his owners and our heartfelt sympathies go out to them.” 

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Image: Thendara Satisfaction, Dee Milligan Bott, Facebook