House Cat Accidentally Makes 17-Hour Journey After Sneaking Into Box

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Published: December 20, 2018
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Image via CTV News Montreal

A house cat residing in Nova Scotia made a surprise 17-hour journey to Montreal this past week.

Baloo the cat thought she had found the perfect nap spot inside of a box that contained tire rims. Baloo had burrowed underneath the rims and out of sight of her owner, Jacqueline Lake. Lake explains to CTV News Montreal, “He had gotten in through the little hole of the rim, down into the bottom of the box.”

The house cat was spotted by a driver in Montreal who noticed some urine in the back of his truck and suspected that one of the boxes might contain an animal. He then found Baloo and quickly called the SPCA.

Anita Kapuscinska of the Montreal SPCA tells CTV News Montreal, “They asked if they can bring the cat to us; of course we said yes. As soon as he came to us, we had him checked by our vets and we've been taking care of him ever since.” They were able to track down his owner using the tracking code and found out the kitty had trekked all the way from Nova Scotia.

According to the news outlet, Kapuscinska explains, “Of course she was extremely surprised and extremely relieved when she spoke to us—when she found out that he was found—because she had posters up everywhere, all over social media.”

Volunteers from the nonprofit Freedom Drivers—an organization that regularly transports animals from shelters—agreed to transport Baloo back to his family.

This is one adventure that this house cat and her family will never forget.

Video via CTV News Montreal

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