Dying Man's Condition Improves After Seeing His Beloved Dog

PetMD Editorial
October 16, 2014
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Every pet lover knows and understands the bond between a dog and his human. It is an incredibly special connection that heals all wounds and lifts all spirits. And medical workers in a Kentucky hospital are experiencing that amazing, heartwarming love first-hand with one of their patients and his dog.

According to The Dodo, James Wathern was admitted to Baptist Health Corbin a few weeks ago and the man’s condition continued to worsen over time. Wathern was near death and had stopped eating. But the dying man made one last request to the staff members at the facility — he wanted to see his dog.

Despite the hospital’s no-pets policy, the workers rallied together and partnered with Know-Whitley Animal Shelter to track down Wathern’s dog, an aging, one-eyed Chihuahua named Bubba. 

Bubba was turned over to the shelter around the same time Wathern was admitted to the hospital. A foster family stepped up to take care of Bubba, and the shelter and the family agreed to help make Wathern’s wish come true. 

On October 11, staff members and volunteers brought Bubba to Wathern’s hospital bed and handed the small dog over to his faithful friend. According to the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter Facebook page, Wathern started to cry as soon as he saw his dog again. Bubba snuggled up next to his companion and the two just began to enjoy their time together. 

A few days after the first visit, hospital workers saw a drastic improvement in Wathern’s condition. Chief nurse Kimberly Probus told reporters that Wathern has been more “lucid and engaged” since seeing his dog. 


Image: James Wathern and his dog Bubba from the Knox-Whitley Animal Shelter via Facebook