Dog Revived After Heart Stops for 20 Minutes

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PetMD Editorial
Published: October 25, 2018

Image via STV News/Facebook

A three-year-old Springer Spaniel named Kurt was scheduled to have a pacemaker installed at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh, Scotland, but his heart stopped beating the morning of surgery. Kurt, who was diagnosed with toxoplasma myocarditis—a rare heart disease in dogs—came back to life after 20 minutes, when the vet staff revived him with a defibrillator.

Veterinarian Dr. Craig Breheny tells STV News that Kurt’s heart disease was likely caused by infection, and, “In these cases, it is very rare for the patient’s heart to suddenly stop beating, and even more rare for them to be resuscitated successfully.”

Kurt was initially brought the vet by his owner, Simon Reed, 37, when Kurt collapsed while out on a walk. The vet then advised Reed to see a specialist, who recommended the vets in Edinburgh. It was here that Kurt was given his final diagnosis of heart disease and was scheduled to have his pacemaker installed.

The morning of the surgery, however, Kurt was so excited to see the hospital staff that his heart stopped. “His heart was stopped for 20 minutes while they tried to bring him back around using a defibrillator,” Reed tells the outlet.

The trauma Kurt suffered pre-surgery resulted in a less-than-optimal procedure, so Kurt went for a second operation in March. After four weeks of bed rest and six months of recovery, the outlet reports, Kurt is on the mend, and vets are praising his speedy recovery.

“We are very proud of the ICU team’s quick and appropriate actions, which allowed us to restart Kurt’s heart, and we are delighted that he is doing so well,” Dr. Breheny tells the outlet.

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