Cat People Choose Cats Who Have Personalities That Are Similar to Theirs, Study Says

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PetMD Editorial
Published: November 19, 2018

Image via Raymond

A new study suggests that cat owners are more likely to adopt cats who have similar personalities to their own.

The participants consisted of 11 men and 115 women who completed a series of questionnaires that assessed their own personality, their cat’s personality and their overall satisfaction with their cat.

According to the study, “Dominant cats are greedy, defiant, and aggressive and bullying towards people/other cats, which could be attractive to potential owners who have similar tendencies in their own social interactions.”

It continues, “Impulsive cats are excitable and erratic, which could be pleasing to impulsive owners.”

One limitation of the study was that both the personality of the owner and the cat was assessed by the owner, so it is possible that the owner perceives their cat’s personality to be similar to theirs, even when it’s not. “In order to investigate this area further, the owner ratings should be corroborated with ratings from a third party,” the study notes.

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