Canine Cancer Genome Project Gets $1 Million in Funding for Research

PetMD Editorial
Published: December 13, 2017
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The Animal Cancer Foundation (ACF), a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding novel treatment therapies and eventual cures for cancer, recently received a $1 million donation from the Blue Buffalo Foundation in support of its Canine Cancer Genome Project. The project could lead to major breakthroughs in cancer research for dogs and humans alike. 

The project aims to map the tumor genomes of the most common canine cancers, to not only improve early detection but also treatment. This important genetic information will help cancer researchers accelerate their research to benefit pets and people, ACF stated.

According to ACF, the most common cancers in pets are also very common in people, particularly children. "There are so many similarities between the cancers in people and the cancers in animals," said ACF board member Dr. Gerald Post.

By getting a better understanding of normal dog genomes, ACF will be able to take a closer look at the cancer genomes. "This is the project that will get us closer and faster to answers than anything else," Post said. 

This critical data will be made available to cancer researchers in every realm, as well as the general public, "who have an emotional connection and want the best for their dogs and other dogs," said Barbara Cohen, executive director of ACF. 

Once the project reaches $2 million in funding, Cohen said, researchers are expected to release information within 12 to 18 months. 

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