Puppy Hit By Car Rescued From Snowy Ditch is Safe and Healing

PetMD Editorial
Published: January 18, 2017
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Over the weekend of January 13, the Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society of Alberta, Canada, recieved a call from the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force that a puppy was found injured in a snowy ditch after being hit by a car. 

The 7-month-old German Shepherd—who has been named Nutmeg— spent an estimated 12 hours out in the open, all while in terrible pain from the accident. Ariana Lenz, RVT, the medical manager of AARCS tells petMD, "Nutmeg was unable to stand on her own so rescuers were unsure of the extent of her injuries. "

Nutmeg was rushed to Southern Alberta Veterinary Emergency (SAVE). "She was assessed by several veterinarians, along with a surgeon and it was determined that she had a left ilial fracture, ischial and pubic fracture along with a right minor calcanceal avulsion," says Lenz.

Despite her injuries, things could have been much worse for the pup. "Nutmeg was very fortunate in the sense that the last few days have been considerable warmer," says Lenz. "Had it been the week prior, the temperatures were extremely cold. Luckily upon intake Nutmeg was not suffering from hypothermia or any other injuries relating specifically to the cold, the extent of her injuries were from the trauma itself."

The staff determined that the best course of action for Nutmeg to have a smooth recovery was to have her on strict rest for six weeks. She was also given oral medication to control her pain before she could be discharged. But even when she was dealing with terrible discomfort, Nutmeg's spirits were always high. "Nutmeg is a very sweet and gentle girl," says Lenz. "Even when she was in extreme pain, she was very approachable, lovable, and her tail just continues to wag."

Nutmeg, who is currently happy and healing in a foster home, is still on rest but in a few weeks time doctors will conduct radiographs to determine if she is well enough to be adopted. Lenz believes that this lucky and sweet dog would make an amazing addition to any family. 

If you do notice an injured dog on the side of the road—whether hit by a car or otherwise—Lenz notes that people who want to help should be careful and take the proper precautions. "You want to assess the situation safely, as many animals are in significant pain and their temperaments can be unpredictable," she explains. "We recommend to call local authorities or a veterinary hospital that will be able to help safely support the situation."

Image via Alberta Animal Rescue Crew Society