Pregnant, Abandoned Dog Rescued in Snowstorm Gives Birth to Healthy Puppies

PetMD Editorial
Published: December 14, 2016
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If you need a miracle to get you through the holiday season, this astounding story of an abandoned, pregnant dog giving birth to her puppies in a snowstorm should fill you with joy. Luckily the pup was rescued and is on the road to recovery.

On December 11, Pound Buddies Animal Shelter & Adoption Center in Muskegon, Michigan, received word that in the early hours of the morning, a concerned citizen called 911 about a dog they saw wandering out in the bitter cold and snow. 

According to the Pound Buddies Facebook page, "Staff member, Robert Pringle, (just as he was nodding off for a good night sleep....) responded to the call without hesitation. Little did Robert know, his call to action was the determining factor between life and death for what he was about to discover." 

With the help of Muskegon Heights police officer Chris Stoddard, who responded to the 911 call, the men discovered that the dog, who was huddled in a ball in the snow was actually covering and comforting her newborn puppies. In the midst of terrible winter weather, outside and alone, this amazing dog gave birth to four healthy pups. 

Pringle and Stoddard quickly and safely got the brave dog and her babies into a warm car and brought her to Pound Buddies. The Facebook post continues, "Robert arrived at Pound Buddies just before 1:00am and set up a warm, soft, safe kennel for mama and babies, complete with a much needed meal for mama. The whole time, mama seemed to know exactly what was going on and she allowed Robert to guide her and her babies to safety." 

Since that fateful evening, mama and her puppies have been at Pound Buddies, where shelter director Lana Carson tells petMD, they are "warm and comfortable." 

"Mama is very attentive to her babies," Carson says of the canine family, who will eventually be up for adoption through the organization. 

Carson knows that given the extreme weather, the puppies, and most likely their mother, would not have survived if they weren't rescued. Any dog outside in freezing temperatures and snow can experience dangerous threats such as hypothermia and frostbite.

She says that it's important for people to act quickly if they see an animal out in the cold. "If someone sees an abandoned animal at any time they should do exactly what happened in this situation: call 911."

Image via Pound Buddies Facebook