Shelter Dog Gives Birth To 16 Healthy Puppies...On Mother's Day

PetMD Editorial
Published: May 12, 2016
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Maggie the Pointer Mix may just be the Mother of the Year. This wonder dog not only gave birth to a litter of puppies on Mother's Day, but she delivered 16 healthy, happy babies.          

At just roughly 8-months-old, the very pregnant Maggie was brought into the Suncoast SPCA in New Port Richey, Fla. after a local animal control center was not able to properly house and care for the expectant dog. Maggie was only with Suncoast for about two days when she went into labor in the late hours of May 7. Then, after midnight, Maggie began to give birth.        

Kerrianne Farrow, the Executive Director of the Suncoast SPCA, tells petMD that Maggie, ever the trooper, wasn't in labor very long. In fact, she was done by about 4 in the morning that Mother's Day.    

Still, the staff at Suncoast had no idea just how many puppies Maggie was expecting because no X-rays were taken. "We figured she was having 8 or 9 [puppies] because she had a pretty big belly, but they just kept coming," Farrow says with a laugh.    

Amazingly enough, the whole thing was caught on camera thanks to Petcube, which continues to stream the family's first days and weeks together. Some cute moments that have already been captured by Farrow and co. include one of the particularly cute and rambunctious babies (who they've dubbed a "Beefcake") waking up from a nap and quickly running over to be with his mother.          

“The puppies are doing fantastic, and mom is doing great as well. They are definitely thriving at this time," Farrow says, adding, that they are all at healthy weights. They've even worked out a system for the pups for feeding by splitting them up in solids and stripes teams. "That way when we weigh them everyday we can keep track and rotate out between bottles," she explains.    

Maggie the mama (who Farrow describes as "the sweetest dog") and her pups are currently staying at the home of the facility's medical manager. This was done in order to avoid any issues that may arrive, including kennel cough.    

However, when the pups are old enough to be vaccinated, spayed, neutered, and microchipped they'll be brought back to the Suncoast facility where they'll be available for adoption to be placed in a loving forever home. 

Image via Suncoast SPCA Facebook