Dog Ingests Gorilla Glue and Undergoes Emergency Surgery

PetMD Editorial
Updated: July 19, 2016
Published: June 16, 2016
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Let this serve as a warning to any pet parent (or parent in general, really) that has Gorilla Glue in their households: keep it far away from anyone or anything that could get to it. 

Case in point: A 6-month-old puppy named Lake ingested the extra-strength glue and started vomiting. Lake's owner called her veterinarian, Dr. Leonardo Baez, DVM, of Midtown Vets in Oklahoma City, Okla., who told them emergency surgery would have to be performed. 

"Gorilla Glue is a polyurethane," Baez explains, "so as soon as it makes contact with anything that is liquid, it begins expanding." In the case of Lake, the glue was expanding inside of her stomach at a rapid volume. 

The vets performed the surgery (which took roughly 45 minutes) and removed the glue, which had formed into a perfect mold of Lake's stomach. Lake, who was given antibiotics and IV fluids, is now recovering well after the health scare. Baez shares that the dog is already up and running and eating again. 

While Lake was lucky, Baez notes that it could have been worse if the glue had gotten stuck in the dog's esophagus, which could have been fatal. The continually-expanding glue could tear vital tissues if not removed in time. That's why if a dog does ingest Gorilla Glue, it's vital that a pet parent takes them in for emergency care. As Baez simply puts it, "Gorilla Glue equals surgery." 

Baez says that dogs eating Gorilla Glue is, unfortunately, not an uncommon occurence and notes that it has a sweet taste that seems to appeal to curious pups. He hopes that the Gorilla Glue company will put a stronger word of warning about the possible risks that the product provides for pets and children alike. 

Images via Dr. Leonardo Biaz and Midtown Vets