Dog Ingests Coat Hanger, Saved By Emergency Surgery

PetMD Editorial
Published: February 29, 2016
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If you're a pet parent, you know that dogs can, and often will, eat things they shouldn't. (How many times have you found yourself asking your pup, "Hey, what's that in your mouth?") 

Sadly, for a stray dog named Indy, there was no loving pet parent around to stop her from ingesting a plastic coat hanger.

According to the Michigan Humane Society, the young, emaciated pup was brought in and x-rays revealed she had swallowed the 8-inch object. "We can only assume Indy was extremely hungry and scarfed down whatever she could find to eat in a desperate attempt to get food. But now her life was at risk because of what she had swallowed," the shelter said in a press release. 

With the hanger lodged in poor Indy's body, she shrunk down to a dangerous 11 pounds and was in need of emergency surgery. Dr. Amy Koppenhoefer, the shelter veterinarian at the MHS, performed the surgery on Indy. 

"To remove the hanger, surgery was performed and a portion of her stomach was removed and subsequently closed. She had multiple intestinal adhesions in her abdomen as well that were 'untangled' and replaced in their appropriate areas," Ryan McTigue, the public relations coordinator for MHS, explained to petMD. "Since the removal of the foreign body, she has thrived, regaining all the weight she lost from it, and is no longer vomiting or having any issues with regards to it." 

The surgery was successful and Indy is expected to make a full recovery with no long-term complications. 

As McTigue put it, "Indy is a typical happy puppy. She has a very sweet and loving personality and is sure to be the perfect addition to anyone's family!" 

Watch Indy's story here: 

If you are a pet parent whose dog has ingested a foreign object, contact your veterinarian immediately to ask what needs to be done.

Image via Michigan Humane Society