Meet Samson: NYC's Biggest Cat and Internet Star

PetMD Editorial
Updated: September 14, 2016
Published: August 23, 2016
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At 28 pounds and 4-feet-long, Samson—a purebred Maine Coon from New York City—is quickly becoming a main attraction on the internet. 

Samson, who also goes by the hilariously apt name Catsradamus, found the limelight alongside his owner Jonathan Zurbel (aka Splurt Zillionz). 

Together, Samson and Zurbel have become nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon. Zurbel, who has been Samson's pet parent since he adopted him in November 2013 (when he was just 15 pounds), tells petMD, "People really love him as much as I do, he is a beloved cat around the world." To date, Samson has an Instagram fan base of almost 70,000 followers. 

Despite his big frame, Zurbel says that Samson—who is 4-years-old— has no health issues (on average, a Maine Coon typically weighs anywhere from 12-18 pounds). In fact, Zurbel says, "He is a healthy, active cat. He can even jump in the air to catch flies." Samson's devoted cat dad shared his hope that people will stop referring to the kitty as "fat" and rather see him for "how beautiful, intelligent and sweet he is!"

Zurbel adds that this "gentle giant," who has a daily diet of two-to-six small cans of wet cat food and freeze-dried chicken or salmon as a snack per day, is incredibly playful and inquisitive to boot. When he's not playing with his toys, he'll follow his favorite humans around the house or engage with them in games. And in case that isn't enough to show how impressive Samson is, Zurbel says that he also can open doors by standing up and turning the handle.

While Samson prefers either a dog carrier or stroller (versus a cat carrier) to get out and about, where he'll look at pigeons and enjoy the outside world, Zurbel wants people to remember there's nothing wrong with the cat and his size. "He is just a perfect specimen, nothing wrong with him; just a prize Maine Coon."

Image via @splurt Instagram