Cat Cruelly Thrown From Balcony Miraculously Lives

PetMD Editorial
Published: December 07, 2016
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A woman who committed a horrific act of animal cruelty and shared the video on social media is now facing charges in New Jersey. The terrible clip of 19-year-old Tikeemah J. Lassiter throwing a cat from a third-floor balcony in Newark sparked a public outcry that resulted in one cat's miraculous rescue and the arrest of the perpetrator. Relatives of the suspect filmed the video as she allegedly tossed the feline 24 feet to the ground. 

According to, Lassiter threw the cat from the balcony because it was "bothering her." The report also mentions that "laughter can be heard" in the video as the suspect throws the cat. 

The clip, which outraged many citizens, allowed police to track down and arrest Lassiter. Miraculously, the cat survived and only sustained minor injuries to her paws. The awful video caught the attention of animal welfare volunteer Yasmin Rivera, who tracked down the injured feline and turned the cat over to the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (NJSPCA). 

Matt Stanton of the NJSPCA tells petMD that the cat is currently in care with a veterinarian in "good condition" and "will remain under our care pending the outcome of the court case."

The disturbing video has since been removed from YouTube.

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