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Image via SPCA of Solano County/Facebook

According to the Sacramento Bee, the Nelson Fire started around 5 p.m. on Friday, August 10, and “burned through 2,162 acres between Fairfield and Vacaville in Solano County,” in California.

Thankfully, as of Sunday morning, the Cal Fire website reported that it has been 100 percent contained.

However, while the fire was tearing through Vacaville, it started to edge closer and closer to the SPCA of Solano County, where around 60 animals reside.

The Vacaville Police Department explains, “As the Nelson Fire raced towards the south end of town, it looked like the Solano SPCA would be the first to be hit by the flames. Our officers worked with Humane Animal Services, SPCA staff and volunteers to evacuate all they could in a race against the clock.”

The above video is body camera footage from one of the police officers who helped to safely evacuate all 60 of the animals housed within the SPCA of Solano County building.

The Vacaville community then joined together to open their homes to these animals and provide temporary foster homes until the SPCA of Solano County can clean up and become fully operational again. Paws crossed that some of these foster homes turn into forever homes!

The SPCA of Solano County may have narrowly escaped the fire, but their building still suffered damage from smoke and lack of power. Luckily, the public has been more than willing to help by donating food and supplies.

In a Facebook post, they say, “Thank you for all the food that was donated. We now have plenty of food for the animals. What we are in need of now is bedding for the animals, towels, blankets, etc and cleaning supplies. Paper towels, large trash bags, bleach etc.”

They are also asking for financial support and donations to help them replace their supplies of refrigerated medications, vaccines and other medical supplies. For more information on how to help, check out their Facebook page.

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